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F&F Group

The F&F Group forms the foundation for our commercial enterprise, which comprises a collection of companies: Fabelco, Feed & Food Trading, Feed & Food GmbH and Nöll GmbH.

Entrepreneurship, product knowledge and market knowledge come together in these companies. The goal is to offer a total package of commodities and ingredients for the production of food, as efficiently as possible. Food for humans and animals.

We, the employees of F&F Group, understand your questions, concerns and needs. We advise, guide and support you in your purchases and sales, by way of our professional knowledge and (world)wide network. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, trade is in our blood, and all of this always with the focus on you. Our qualified personnel are ready to advise you with tailor-made solutions. This is the F&F Group.

We gladly take it one step further. For you as client or supplier. We support you. By covering your risks and by guaranteeing all deliveries, based on contracts. We also gladly cater to your needs or take care of your available volume, whether in times of shortages or surplus.

Our logistics department works relentlessly on planning just-in-time collection and delivery of goods, as well as organisation of suitable means of transport. The F&F Group also has its own state of the art storage facilities for bagged products, dry products and bulk products. This is how we buffer fluctuations. Customised and reliable. This is the F&F Group’s working method.

How do we achieve this? We think big, but act in short lines. We would gladly demonstrate this to you.