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About F&F Group

30 years ago, on October 17th, 1993 my father founded Feed & Food Trading and I started working with him as his commercial assistant. I never imagined that this was the start of a group of successful companies. The F&F Group, a dynamic, international player in the ingredients market.

If you ask me what our companies have in common, I refer you to the mission, vision and core values. Here we find our ‘reason of being’ and the basis on which we work both as colleagues and together with our customers, suppliers and service providers.

But, we owe our success mainly to our employees whom are busy and engaged daily with you as our valued relation. They offer the flexibility and advantage you are looking for. They listen and work daily on the relationship and partnership we have with you. They offer the specialties you ask for and help you with the development of products where necessary. Every day again. I am proud and very grateful for that.

Michiel de Boer (CEO)


Our focus is to trade, distribute and produce ingredients to satisfy our customers around the globe.


We guaranty flexible order size; from 1 pallet or even a single bag (25 kg) to full trucks (24MT).
We deliver as much as possible from stock with short call off times.
Our strong network in the European dairy industry offers the guarantee and reliability that form the basis for a long-term relationship.

Core Values

Responsibility, Respect, Quality and Integrity are the core values driving the way the F&F Group does business and builds partnerships across the food industry.

These companies are part of the F&F Group